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Class 11 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • Upcoming readings and assignments: see Schedule
    • Get started reading the novel, Thomas Pynchon' The Crying of Lot 49 
    • (Read at to page 88 by Wednesday's class if possible. If not, a minimum is the first two chapters, pp. 1-30.)
  • Midterm exam: Friday Nov. 3,  in class (50-minutes)
  • For students who have an unavoidable scheduling conflict for the day of the midterm exam:
    • Be sure your TA knows about it.
    • Directly contact Meg Wilson, Instructional Program Assistant for the English Dept. (SH 3431), who is assisting in arranging alternative exam times/locations. Meg's contact info is: 805-893-7489   mwilson@hfa.ucsb.edu 



Lecture 11











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