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Notes for Class at Beginning of Exam

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 5 years, 4 months ago


Preliminary Business: Course Evaluations English 25, Fall 2017


Special UCSB policy for administering course evaluations during exams (for courses unable to hand out the forms as usual last quarter because of the Thomas Fire:

From George Michaels, Executive Director, Instructional Development -- Email to faculty of Dec. 10, 2017:

"For those of you who had classes cancelled on Thursday afternoon, or on Friday, and had not yet had your students complete their paper ESCI end of quarter surveys; we would like to offer a possible alternative for you to consider. If you will be holding a final during the week of January 8, you may consider taking the first 10-15 minutes of the final period to administer the paper ESCI surveys, while you leave the room, but have your TA stay to monitor your class, and ensure that you have a student volunteer to collect the responses and get them back to the department. After your students are done, then you can return to the room and run your final per normal. This is a departure from recommended procedure, but under the circumstances, seems like a reasonable compromise. " 



  • (1) Course evaluations for TA Giorgina Paiella 

    • Two Forms
      • TA ESCI Form -- Fill out parts A and B; add written comments 

        ESCI Form for TA evaluation

      • English Dept. TA Eval. Form --Fill out both sides

        English Dept. TA eval form, side 1   English Dept. TA eval form, side two


  • (2) Course evaluations for Prof. Alan Liu 

    • Two Forms:
      • Faculty ESCI Form -- Fill out parts A and B; add written comments

        Faculty ESCI Form

      • English Dept. Faculty Course Eval. Form

        English Dept. Faculty Course Eval Form

      • Volunteer to take forms back to South Hall 3431 (South Hall Administrative Cluster)

        South Hall campus map

                  After hours drop box


Exam: 50 minutes (to start after the course evaluations)


Note: "In regard to the readings assigned for the cancelled class on the last Friday of the course (the class with readings on "deformance" and "glitch"), these readings are still assigned and a very few questions will concern them on the final exam. However, since you won't have the benefit of hearing me talk about them, I have asked the TAs to compensate by giving you a freebie of 3 points on the exam. (That is, you get 3 points, or the equivalent of one question, for free.)"











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